Crowdfunding do you partake ? [Laurence Finn]

Do you like to gamble, or is it more of an educated risk ?

Hello Everyone,
Let me start by saying, I totally (100%) believe in Crowdfunding. I love the concept, I love the ability to take a small risk for relatively great reward. Over the years I have invested in sixteen ventures (all relatively small numbers).

Four failed, eight of them have returned me healthy returns, one returned excellent returns and the other three are still being rolled out.

All in all, taking my losses into account I have a 480% return on investment.

So I love it, and I love hearing about opportunity........

What are your thoughts ?


Your first business tax return [Joseph L. Rosenberg]

For those of you who started in business in 2012, you will need to file your first business tax return this tax season. Many of the basics appear in an article I wrote a few years ago at

Business and taxes constantly change, so you will need to keep up to date on the current tax laws both on the federal level, as well as in your state and even locally. Due to last minute changes in federal tax laws, many of the tax forms needed to prepare your tax returns are not ready and will be phased in during the next month, so check with your CPA to know when all the forms will available to file.

What do you need to do to get ready? Make sure your books and records are in order, and can be easily reviewed to that the correct numbers can be transferred to the tax returns. Some accounting software will transfer directly the figures to the tax return.

Losing Data or other Assets when Merging . . . OEM* [Andreas Wiedow]

. . . There goes a saying in IT along the line . . . You either have lost data or you will.

So whenever a merger of any kind happens, be that surreal, unreal or IRL . . . something or someone is most likely to . . . 'disappear'.

As reaction on my last week mail shot to 70k+ members of ecademy Europe and a couple of unsubscribes, lost accounts and all that I got a reply today from a fellow German member asking . . .

Start of Email conversation:

G: Is ecademy being sold ?

I: It is already sold.

G: Aha, what does that mean (in laymen terms) ?

I: Your data will be automatically transferred to - you don't need to do anything. All happens tomorrow.

G: Aha smile

End of conversation. . . . How cool is that ?

Last week also happened . . .

Michael Bloomberg Pledges 0 Million To Johns Hopkins University

There is No Time Clock in Sales [Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training]

What My Clients Say About Me

I'm feeling awfully pious and self-righteous. I have done my prospecting calls and secured 4 new business meetings today. I have done a couple of coaching sessions and now I am heading home to spend the early evening with my wife and kids.

I do rather like working for myself and knowing I have done what I had to do and can go home with no pangs of lingering guilt that I should be working longer or harder.

Job done. Tickle time awaits!

Do what you need to do then GO HOME!

Would the last person in Ecademy tonight please turn out the lights?!

Best wishes for the launch tomorrow team SunZu.


Marcus Cauchi
Managing Director

Who's going to be the first blogger on SunZu? [Iain McGuigan]

Quite likely Lyndon.

But I mean of the members who will be quickest off the mark?

Will it be SunZu related? I hope not!

Will it be thought provoking? I hope so!

Will it be humorous and light hearted?

Whether you are first or not have you thought about what your first blog on SunZu is going to be about?

Of course we may not be able to tell. That would be a shame however!

Start of a new site allbeit with lots of old content.

Good luck for tomorrow Lyndon and team.

Kind regards

New business opportunity..... [Ian Calvert]

So, are you working for yourself? Do you have spare time and want to add another income stream?

Do you want to be be your own? Have you been made redundant? Are you looking to take voluntary redunancy and become your own boss?

Do you want your own business that you do yourself? Or do want to build a team of people working for you?

Or would you like to be a business partner in this new opportunity? As we are looking for both business partners and leaders to help get this business flying........

We will be launching a great opportunity to develop your own business within our business model that can help you really prove that being local does mean being local and help regenerate your local business community

What were you doing in 1966? And what do you think I remember that has anything to do with business

I was aged five for the majority of 1966. Many things happened in 1966: England beat Germany in the World Cup Final, Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali) defeated Henry Cooper in two title fights and Harold Wilson with the Labour party won the British General Election. However none of that was significant to me as a five year old. The following year when I was six, my enduring memory of 1966 was that I'd given my brother more sweets than he'd given me. It wasn't fair. How I'd come to this conclusion I don't know; I doubt it was based on detailed empirical data - I just remember thinking it's not fair.

Smarties in a sweet jar

How to Become a Better Writer [Eddington Pindura]

If you want to become a better writer, there's some great news - the more you write the better you will become, so just keep writing. Of course, there are always things you can do to improve your writing. Letís have a look at some ways to do that.

1. Become a blogger - Blogging is an easy way to become better at what you do and gain more experience, while for the most part working in a relatively relaxed writing environment. Besides, blogging is also a great way to make a living if you become good at it.

2. Limit your words - Writers tend to ramble on. The best way to keep your writing clear and concise is to simply limit how many words your content will hold. By doing so you force yourself to think about what you are writing.

3. Outline - When you are writing an e-book, print book, report, or an academic paper, creating an outline is a good place to start. By creating an outline, you can create your structure for your writing.

Models Direct Reviews Benetton's Campaign Featuring Transgender & Disabled Model [Suzy "find a model

Models Direct reviews products, celebrity style and/or advertising campaigns every week and today we're bringing a global campaign featuring a brilliantly diverse range of models to your attention.

Benetton are known for creating controversial advertisements - back in November the fashion brand raised eyebrows with an image of Pope Benedict XVI kissing a senior Egyptian imam on the lips before they were forced to withdraw it. However, their latest campaign is more thought-provoking than shocking and has certainly proved a winner in the MD offices.