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Thank you Ecademy. [Fraser Hay]

All my exploits, fun, successes and challenges and the "characters" I've met and endured on Ecademy over the last 7 years have all been documented and included in my new book - "wake up".

However, as I reflect on the last 7 years, I'd like to say thank you...

Thank you to my fellow members, I see you online every day
Don't say a word, you already have In your own special way

Thank you to my peers, to each and every one of you
Thank you for your input and seeing it from a different point of view

Thank you for the gift to question, to reflect and to ponder
Its only when we take time out
We really appreciate the wonder

Thank you for the daily lessons, the challenges and the fun
Thank you each and every single one of you
for my work is far from done.

Challenges and Obstacles, they help us in our plight
For opportunities are hidden everywhere…
Often visible with hindsight.

Critics come, and critics go
But we should stop and ask, why they think it so
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