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In praise of effort [Andrew Priestley]

Recently, I was chatting with Sam Carpenter who wrote the US best selling book Work the System.
If you haven't read it do so. (You can find an affiliate link on my website or go to Amazon.)

We were chatting about how stuff gets done and sorry to say, plain old effort is still a prerequisite for success in most things.

When my son was 14 he wanted a portable TV for his bedroom. He wanted me to buy it for him but I suggested that if he worked for it himself he would get an immense sense of satisfaction from achieving this goal.

He went out and got a job at McDonalds and racked burgers and fries but a month or so later came home with the TV.

I coach people worldwide and a lot of my clients have problems because they expect the result to show up without much effort.

Sam and I were saying, "They want the medal but don't want to run the race."

He shares my concern.

"People are very lazy. And they resent having to apply themsleves."
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