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Mean what you say [Carolyn Williams]

As ecademy becomes SunZu live in a few hours, I wanted to explore this subject:
"A strong personal brand has a reputation of meaning what they say!" seen on Sunil Bali's post.
I want to ask you this open question on this, my first post on SunZu:

Do we get our message right?

When we feel stale and reach a plateau, it generally means we have arrived at a natural place in our brand cycle. I thought I'd explore this phase and list some positive triggers to help move things to another level:

1. Sift through time wasters, energy drainer's contacts and circles. Make a choice to limit non-supportive interactions that don't energize you.

2. Integrate activities. Socialise with connections that are like-minded. Find people in your company who share common interests and develop your career around the people and activities you love.
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