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Goodbye Ecademy Thank You - SunZu Live Instructions [Lyndon Wood]

SunZu Live - Current Ecademy Members Only - Public Live Date to be Announced Shortly

The time has come and SunZu will go live from 12pm tomorrow. Here are some instructions for you.

The site will be down from 7am to 12pm whilst we populate the servers.

1. You will be guided to a SunZu login page especially for Ecademy current members

2. Your marketplace listing are in Companies I recommend you review them and use the tools to present them better now. They reflect on you as the expert and we have developed the tools for you to easily format them

3. Your blogs and comments are all in Social please edit them and re categorise the business ones into Articles

3. This is a beta site so feel free to log any issues you come across into the assist then support button on your left menu
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