January 27th, 2013

A to Z of good words … P is for .. [Mike "Freddie" Gordon]


Plethora (plenty) .. is a favourite good word .. tagged at the start of this series of blogs .. with dearth (paucity)

Some poetry from The Prophet (Khalil Gibran) ..
Love one another but make not a bond of love
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls

A peerless performance of Les Pecheurs de Perles (Bizet) .. Au Fond du Temple Saint

And finally .. a prize for first translation of Per Ardua Ad Astra and name the organisation it applies to (no peeking at google !)

Is this You? [Fraser Hay]


You take action.

You dont get caught up in great intellectual theorised strategy plans.

You bootstrap.

You innovate.

You like to fail...

..then tweak and amend the plan.

You build partnerships.

You're a story teller.

You love solving problems.

You thrive on challenges.

You can work under pressure.

You can work in chaotic, unpredictable environments.

You go the extra mile.

You're prepared to break the rules.

The buck stops with you.


Maybe, just maybe...

...You meet your own job description of being self employed and working for yourself.

What other attributes would you look for to replace you in your role?

Or do you think there are certain attributes that self-employed individuals need?



Fraser J. Hay

The new term - Low net worth clients [Adrian Kidd]


There is a rather worrying term that is doing the rounds in various press articles in my profession, namely Low Net Worth Clients. These are a demographic who seem to have liquid assets of 100k or less. A demographic that financial advisers and banks seem to want to not deal with. it is such a derogatory term and in our new RDR world, advisers across the UK are trying to work with High Net Worth or clients who give them the most profit margins.

As we have businesses to run, of course it makes sense as the owner to work out various ratios to make sure you can be in business next year and further out. But to push aside a very large amount of people without consideration could be business suicide.

"Low value", "unprofitable", "costly to look after" are other terms I have read in the trade press this year from firms.

How to Select the Right Affiliate Program for Success [Eddington Pindura]


Even when you select an affiliate program that offers high quality products or services, this is no guarantee that you will be successful. Just ask the thousands who have failed with some of the largest box stores. It's a bit like having the very best plane but without a trained pilot, the plane will go nowhere. You need to have the right training to ensure you choose the right affiliate for you.

You need to take some time to know the business you are considering becoming an affiliate for. You also need to evaluate your own business and yourself. Be honest here, because if you are you will enjoy affiliate success. Just having a desire to make money through an affiliate program is not enough to make it happen.

Location in title of Calendar Events [Neville Daniels]


I know it is sucking eggs.
However people live everywhere else.
Most people ignore calendar events that do not lead with basic location.

So title something like this. smile

London, England - Sunzu - Launch Party

If you do this:-
London - Sunzu - Launch Party

Expect a wake up calls from:-
London, Ontario, a city in Canada
London, Belize, a village
London, Equatorial Guinea, a village
London, Finland, a section of Jakobstad
London, Kiribati, a small city on Kiritimati
London, Nigeria, a village
London, Limpopo, a village in South Africa
London, Mpumalanga in South Africa

And on and on .....

Not forgetting the most famous London - Texas. smile

Hope this helps to put more people in seats.

It's time we recognised the plight of a people facing genocide in Pakistan [Zahir shamsery]


Pakistani police officers and local residents gather at the site of a bomb blast that targeted paramilitary soldiers in a commercial area in Quetta, Pakistan, killing at least 12 people and wounding more than 40 others earlier this month. Picture: Arshad Butt/AP Source: AP

LEADERS of Australia's Hazara community are increasingly distressed and despondent over the fate of their relatives and friends.

These people are facing poverty, hunger and massacre in the besieged ghettoes of Quetta, the capital of Pakistan's Balochistan province.

They say the city's 500,000-strong Hazara population is being targeted by Sunni Muslim extremists andAustralia's refugee policies are making it harder to get people out. They are right and we will hear more about this in 2013.

Apple isn't the biggest public company in the world anymore [Massimo Luciani]


Looks like Apple shares lost a lot of value so now Exxon is the biggest public company in the world. There are a number of articles talking about it such as this one but I'm surprised that it doesn't seem such a big deal as I see this news almost hidden.

What's happening to Apple? Can't they face their competitors without Steve Jobs hypnotizing the masses? Were Apple Maps an even bigger bust than it seemed?

What do you think? Is the Apple era over or can they still create hype enough to claim they're the best company in the top technology field?

Open Source resources and games

Eagles do not FLY in formation! [Jon Black]


A great piece of salesmanship from one the leadership masters at a Middle East conference.

Kevin Roberts Global CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi, said in a speech 7,000 report to him and all might think there is always a 'big idea' to a creative solution! Wrong, the solution is made up of lots of small innovative ideas that create the big idea based on the great and the good small ideas. That's what makes great advertising emotional advertising not rational thinking advertising.

Big ideas do not exist just like Eagles they do not fly in formation. Ideas are created sometimes painfully creatively by innovation and emotional thinking. Also in creating a dream, think how it can become reality-innovation that excites.

Creative Leaders give their people four things: responsibility, learning, recognition, joy.

- Creative Leaders ask three questions of any idea:
- Will people want to see it again?
- Will people want to share it?
- Will people want to improve it?

The 4 E's of Excellence [Andrew Horder]


In my experience, small businesses have a tendency to focus on one or other of the three E's:

  • Economy - doing things as cheaply as possible, avoiding spending more than is necessary

  • Efficiency - doing things as smoothly as possible, eliminating processes and activities that do not lead closer to the finished product.

  • Effectiveness - doing things as well as possible, making sure that the end result is a close match to what the customer actually wants.

You will often hear these three E's described as a kind of hierarchy, with Effectiveness being at the top of the tree. However, they each have a part to play in building a successful business, as I discuss in my blog here: http://thebusyfool.com/the-4-es-of-excellence, and it is the combination of all three that brings the final E … Excellence itself.

Which one do you tend towards, or are you fairly balanced?

Oscar nominations 2013 .. Has Tinsletown lost the plot ? [Mike "Freddie" Gordon]


Now I'm no devotee of Hollywood's annual celebration of the best in film and entertainment .. hitting the red carpet for the Academy Awards in Los Angeles next month .. but I am aware of some "previous" with our American cousins failure to recognise the Best of British in years past .. most notably Chariots of Fire (only 4 Oscars 1982 !) and The Full Monty (only won Best Music 1998 !). There are interesting rumours circulating that finally .. celebrating its 50th anniversary .. James Bond may even get some recognition this year !

So I was prepared for some disappointment when reviewing the Nominations .. expecting my favourite film would probably not feature as strongly as I felt it deserved.

Ideas To Keep You On Track For Your Writing New Year [PaTrisha-Anne Todd BookLadyEntrepreneur]


Just over 25 days ago we rang in the New Year, the perfect opportunity to begin a new motivation and marketing plan for your writing business.

If you've gotten this far this, and continued to write every day, then you are one of the few who have determination in your soul and desire to write, and write and write. Of course not everyone is like me and chooses to write every day, it is personal choice and whatever frequency you decide to write then that is right for you. However, I just wanted to remind you that this time of year is the ideal time to focus on what's working best for you, of what's not working for you and can be deleted from your writing day so you're making the most of your time as you tap into your creative energy to write.

Before the year moves on I want to share a little ritual I use to set myself up for a fantastic writing year ahead.