January 26th, 2013

Radio interviews [James McBrearty]


Following Sam's blog, I'm looking forward to listening to a recording of her interview.

When I launched my first business book at the end of 2010, I was interviewed on the local radio myself - by Sally James (who some of us remember from the TV show Tiswas, with Chris Tarrant and Lenny Henry.)

I obtained a recording of my interview:

My business book mentioned ecademy quite a bit, although as ecademy ceases to exist in a few days (being replaced by SunZu) I have discounted the book.

My book even has a foreword by one of the first owners of ecademy, Penny Power.

What's wrong with the following sentence: There is no Stress…Just stressful thoughts that we can cha



Wayne Dyer said that. But it should read: "There is no Stress...Just stressful thoughts that we can..." 'understand'... that we are the creator. No need to 'change' anything. We are perfect as we are but we misunderstand the nature of thought. We are feeling our thinking from moment to moment to moment.

It's a Game - Play as long as it's Fun [Andreas Wiedow]


"Life's a game" I read once in a while. People get 'taken out' of the game via a play-like console that operates an armed drone (unmanned aerial vehicle)

Online games industry flourishes as if there was no tomorrow.

People run crazy like junkies for something called . . . [X]Pendapalooza NINE (9) . . . on EmpireAVenue (happening today and tomorrow)

Professors at universities even write scripts to automatize the game and give players the 'impression' about real 'socializing' . . .

Eric Schmidt is bringing Google fun to North Korea (which US admins don't consider funny at all . . . ) whilst Mark Zuckerberg is sitting on round tables next to Angela Merkel ?

Fun is hard business ? Is that fun ? What IS fun ?

What means fun to you ?

Or is it just a trick - Kinda SunZu ?

That's it. I have joined the New World Order [Nick Dewey]


There is only one organisation to the best of my knowledge that has been campaigning for a long time for real change, placing the happenings in the world properly in the hands of the people and to spread devolved democratic powers throughout the whole of Government on a local national scale as well as on a Europe wide scale as well as world wide.

They do use the term "New World Order", but the intention is not the same as what the conspiracy theorists or the believers in the Georgia Guide Stones say that it is.

It is Liberal Democracy in action.

The organisation is called Federal Union and today, this morning, I have joined it.

I will let you know how it goes.

Nick Dewey
Oxford Therapeutic Coaching

Tax Evaders: The Heat is on [Mahmood Reza]



Tax, as has often been quoted is one of the only certainties in life; tax evasion and avoidance have been with us since tax has been levied by government on its citizens. For example the Window Tax of 1695, introduced by William III resulted in architects redesigning houses with fewer windows, householders bricked up existing windows. This had a negative impact on the glass industry, and some believe that the phrase 'daylight robbery' originated from this.

Fast forward to 2013, the topic of non-payment of tax is still topical, albeit the spotlight, as far as the media are concerned is the big corporates who are the non-payers.

Writing Small Is No Longer An Option [PaTrisha-Anne Todd BookLadyEntrepreneur]


Writing is a unique experience and an exceptional platform to get your message out to the world attracting loyal readers and clients to your business, while you create stunning bottom line figures and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

Telling The World Your Story

Promotion and marketing are a natural part of the creative process, it's a combination that works well and without it you'll have an uphill struggle on your hands. Sadly many authors don't realise that the inspiration to write is not enough. If you want to share your message with the public, you seriously need to pay attention to marketing and make a conscious effort to promote your writing work. Writing is an art form that is meant to be shared and it's my mission to help those who want to help others through their message, reach out and spread the word.

Promoting Your Unique Offering

"Many wealthy people are little more than janitors of their possessions." [Angus Whitton]



Frank Lloyd Wright


"Unlike many of his contemporaries, accepted such changes with reluctance, and welcomed and embraced the social and technological changes made..."

and while you ponder that - you may like to listen to the track below - and work out what it's got to do with the transition from ecademy to SunZu... or is it just a nice piece of music?

Angus Whitton