January 23rd, 2013

If only more people chose to 'give' rather than 'take' [Ann Andrews CSP]


I know, call me old fashioned but I do sometimes wonder what's happening in the world. I've just picked up a blog on 'manners' and it was inundated with people saying how appalling manners have become.

So let me cheer you up - Charles Kovess CSP is one of the most 'giving' people I've ever met - check his article A New Year Reflection: Choose to Give

Perhaps you can forward it to one of the 'takers!' Ann

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Ann Andrews CSP, Dip Bus (Pmer)

Why some testimonials can be classed as 'lazy' [Ann Andrews CSP]


We are all told 'get great testimonials on your site or CV' and yet it appears that some testimonials are of more value than others - check this
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<p class="ljsyndicationlink"><a href="http://www.ecademy.com/node.php?id=183380">http://www.ecademy.com/node.php?id=183380</a></p>We are all told 'get great testimonials on your site or CV' and yet it appears that some testimonials are of more value than others - check this <a href="http://thecorporatetoolbox.com/articles/why_"lazy_testimonials"_attract_the_wrong_clients" rel="nofollow">article</a> from Sean de Souza - ann <br /> <br /> <br /> Sign up to our fortnightly issue of <b>Powertools</b>; a regular supply of business ideas; business tips and business tools for growing your business and receive a copy of our latest book: <a href="http://www.thecorporatetoolbox.com" rel="nofollow"> 'The Business Survival Kit.</a> 12 x monthly tools to help you kick butt in 2013' where over 100 thought leaders offer their products for free. You'd be MAD not to sign up! <br /> <br /> Ann Andrews CSP, Dip Bus (Pmer)<br /> Published Author, Professional Speaker, Team Specialist, Entrepreneur

January might be a great time to get some honest feedback from your customers [Ann Andrews CSP]


So few business have a process for getting feedback; so they continue doing what they've always done and wonder why their bottom line is shrinking.

The very best question to as our customers is:

* What are we NOT doing for you that you wish we would

If you want to survey YOUR customers - here is a fabulous tool you can have for free courtesy of Kirsten Hodgson


Sign up to our fortnightly issue of Powertools; a regular supply of business ideas; business tips and business tools for growing your business and receive a copy of our latest book: 'The Business Survival Kit. 12 x monthly tools to help you kick butt in 2013' where over 100 thought leaders offer their products for free. You'd be MAD not to sign up!

Ann Andrews CSP, Dip Bus (Pmer)

Wege zum Ziel oder wie ich mein Ziel nicht erreiche z.B. durch Ängste [Josef Kirchhartz]


Fritz Riemann baut seine vier Grundformen der Angst als Forderung an das Selbst auf. So gibt es die Selbsthingabe, welche mit der Selbstwerdung (Selbstbewahrung und Selbstverwirklichung) in Konflikt steht und die Wandlung, die mit der Notwendigkeit in Konflikt steht. Aus diesen vier Grundformen bzw. Forderungen an eine Persönlichkeit entstehen Ängste. Diese Grundformen der Ängste sind, die
• Angst vor der Selbsthingabe, zumeist als Ich-Verlust und Abhängigkeit erlebt
• Angst vor der Selbstwerdung, als Ungeborgenheit und Isolierung erlebt
• Angst vor der Wandlung, als Vergänglichkeit und Unsicherheit erlebt
• Angst vor der Notwendigkeit, als Endgültigkeit und Unfreiheit erlebt
Alle möglichen Ängste sind nach Fritz Riemann immer Variationen der vier Grundformen und können dem entsprechend auf diese zurückgeführt werden.
Eine Persönlichkeit, sollte immer versuchen das Gleichgewicht dieser 4 Forderungen zu erfüllen.

Listening [Martin Dewhurst]


Here's Ernesto Sirolli sharing his learning on the subject of Listening.

The important nugget from this is that none (NONE) of the worlds most successful companies were started by one person.
His core teaching on the subject of Enterprise Facilitation is that every business, large and small needs to do three things perfectly in order to be successful ... 1. Product 2. Marketing 3. Finance
And in all their worldwide research in hundreds of successful community scenarios, they have yet to find one single person who can do all these 3 things brilliantly. Make it, sell it and look after the money. As Ernesto says in his presentation, "This person has never been born!"


Leadership: Have you got what it takes? [Samantha Kelly]


Leadership: 'a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task"

When the gauntlet is thrown, do you grab the challenge? Have you missed opportunities because you didn't accept a role or volunteer to head up something?

Leaders are people who often accept challenges given to them. They take control rather than let others do the work.

They delegate tasks which is very important as we are not super human! This is the key. I also know a lady who runs almost everything in the Parish! She always looks frazzled to be honest. She seems to be the type that loves doing it, but I have also heard her complain to me about all that she does. She told me that no one else bothers though. She is wonderful but I wonder does she delegate enough. We could end up running around like a headless chicken if we don't delegate tasks too.

What's the point of all this...world peace!?!? [Damian Mark Smyth]


Your reality is created by you. Take responsibility for it!

World Peace 2

"Why does he keep going on about thought, what the hell has that got to do with anything? Why is he always blabbering on about inside out and feelings all the time? I don't get it!"

Ok, let me simplify it for you:

Life happens, good or bad (Johnny scores winning goal for team, you get burgled)

Life does not care what you think about it, it will carry in regardless. Only YOU care what you think about it.

Talent Management Modelling Turns Nerves To Confidence For Mature Model Francis [Suzy "find a model"


Mature model Francis earned £275 and gained confidence as a result of his first Talent Management modelling experience. The booking team here at the agency were sure that their client had picked the right man for the job from the selection they put forward and he did not disappoint. We were delighted to receive his feedback recommending the experience to others who may be considering Talent Management modelling.

"I was slightly nervous at first as I didn't know exactly what to expect, but once I had met up with everyone I was fine and really enjoyed the whole experience. The best part was working with the rest of the team and I would love to do it again.

Roll up Roll up ! Place Your Bets .. Rien ne va plus ! [Mike "Freddie" Gordon]


With UK Retail PLC in some distress (Jessops, HMV, BlockBuster et al), the Army shedding 5,000+ troops in the coming year, mixed messages at best from manufacturing, and reports from Davos suggesting we're still on a slippery slope (and facing downhill !) … would it be cynical to suggest that City traders are pumping up the FT100 just in time for year-end bonuses ?

The Index is up almost 5% since New Year !

A tale of two cultures... [Richard Derwent Cooke]


google-vs-microsoftI read two interesting and contrasting articles today talking about two corporate giants, Microsoft & Google.  They both have very strong cultures and it is interesting to examine the impact of them.  I'm not pretending this is an in-depth analysis, just an interesting raising of the corporate veil to give a glimpse at what lies behind.

Here is an article whi

Outlook for the New Centenarians [Marcin Zientek]


Financial pressures to snowball for future generation

A generation of 'New Centenarians' will be forced to work well into their 70s to stay afloat, according to new research from Scottish Widows. In addition to working longer, they will face a hat-trick of financial pressures as early as their mid-twenties, with the stresses of saving for their first home, paying back their student loans and starting a retirement fund impacting on them much earlier than other generations.

The Office for National Statistics believes that one in three babies born in 2012 in the United Kingdom will live to be 100. This unsurpassed average life expectancy, combined with the rising costs of living, education and housing, means that our children and grandchildren will need to plan much earlier for their future and work for longer than ever before.

Blog 4 week 4 is weer online [Marco van Velthuisen]


Je kunt het blog van deze week HIER vinden.

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SunZu Live 29th January [Lyndon Wood]


SunZu The Art of Business Live on the 29th for current members only

SunZu is on track to provide access to all current Ecademy members on Tuesday the 29th January.

We will open the doors to the wider community most likely a week later.

Still lots to do and finish but we are on track. We will send you further instructions as we get closer. Please keep an eye on the blog.

Thank you for your support it is much appreciated and here is to 2013 the year for business.

Founder & CEO
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To be very important just pop down to Sainsbury's [Anna Figiel]


Every day from my office window I see a lot of Very Important People on a mission to shop in Sainsbury's.

Despite plenty of street parking and three public car parks in our village, these VIPs just have to park right outside the store. A hundred yards away would be too far to walk, you understand.

No matter that next to the store is a clear driveway entrance leading to a car park behind some flats. The VIPs consider themselves entitled to park across it, blocking residents from going in or out. Our village attracts a lot of VIPs - I reckon around 20 of them avail themselves of this prime spot every day.

Wilting in the cold [George Emsden]


The Heaters can't cope

Never seen the room so packed at Bikram Yoga North. After piling on the pounds in the Festive Season, sweaty bodies are stretching, pulling, sighing and in some of the more difficult poses, trembling. With more than 40 people in the room, one has to be careful about not whacking a neighbour when entering or coming out of some of the poses. For the first time in 50 classes, the guys outnumber the ladies who normally form three quarters of the class and in some cases 90 per cent. Are guys lazy? Do women care about their health more?

SunZu The Art of Business Appoints Samantha Kelly as Women's Ambassador [Tina Fotherby]


Good afternoon

Please find below the latest press release from SunZu The Art of Business.

January 23 2013 - Lyndon Wood, founder and CEO of SunZu The Art of Business, has appointed Samantha Kelly as Women's Entrepreneur Alliance Ambassador.

Before her appointment, Wexford-based Samantha ran her own business - Funky Goddess - and pitched on Ireland's Dragons' Den. She won funding but it was not to materialise. Instead she set up an online business network, with the hash tag IrishBizParty, that meets on line each Wednesday to share tips and advice.

Samantha Kelly said, "I first met the renowned technology entrepreneur and pioneer Bill Liao through Dragons' Den. He is a Director of SunZu so then introduced me to Lyndon Wood. My feet haven't touched the ground since then.

Creating another storm? - Google+ ................ [Ian Calvert]


So, it is hump day (to use a term from Twitter for those that don't use Twitter) and been Wednesday let's try and create balance debate then........

* So you use their mail, you have to create a Google+ account
* So you use their applications, you have to create a Google+ account
* So you use YouTube, you have to create a Google+ account
* So you use Blogger mail, you have to create a Google+ account

Anything to do with Google - you need a Google+ account and these accounts are classed as users yet people are claiming about the number of Google+ accounts as to how much it is used, really? Is it really being used?

Are you making time for your own life? [Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche]


One of my clients started to explored scuba diving after one of our chats. Within months she had traveled to Egypt and qualified as an advanced diver and even seen a Manta Ray !! She found something that she loved doing. She also started to think about her life and her job and what she enjoyed less.

That's when we really started to talk about property investment and what she did want life to be like. She had a dream to travel and now scuba diving could give her a focus and purpose to those explorations.

Within months I had found, fixed and filled three buy to let properties for her, using money from her work bonuses and savings. After all 2% in the bank was no match for a 10-15% return from property.

Phase two involved converting her home into a rental property so she could leave on her travels, knowing her mortgage and bills were taken care of and that she had cash-flow as well.

So...I inspired a debate! [Hannah Liversidge]


Yes, you read that right and you can read it all here thanks to Robert Craven who started the thread about startups being a waste of time and money (if you haven't read it yet, give it a read!).

It got me thinking, if you aren't commenting on people's blogs, how can you create or be part of the community here on (soon to be!) SunZu?

Are you just sitting, looking for a blog title that is "just right"? Have you got the time in your diary scheduled to come on here and engage with the community?

Why are you sitting (or standing if that's your style) in front of your computer/laptop/iPad/phone reading this and then moving on to another?

The Oxford Real Farming conference [Durwin Banks]


The Oxford Real Farming Conference

What a pleasure it has been to be amongst people who have a common interest in producing real food.
This year's conference was even bigger and I had a speaking slot, great! Conferences are a real help in developing new ideas for presenting the food arguments, the meeting of minds, lively discussions are a bonus that helps to firm up ideas and make you realise you are not alone.
There were people from all sections of the community with the common aim of producing good food. A lot of discussion about words and how to use them in a non-confrontational way. To win the good food argument the whole community has to be engaged. There was a general feeling that it should no longer be them and us, but it is in everyone's interest to have food that keeps us well and we need all the help possible to push the food argument up the hill.

EU, are you in or out? [Fred Rutgers]


Is this the end of the EU?
Power back to the national parliaments?
Or just throw the towel?

What do you prefer?

The Business Story Teller vertelt boeiende verhalen over verkopen.
Door deze verhalen krijgen verkopers er weer zin in, ze raken weer geinspireerd!
Wilt u ook eens een zinnig verhaal horen?
Bel dan eens voor een kennismaking met:

Fred Rutgers
Ecademy ambassador Holland

P.S. let's get connected!
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So what? [Andrew Field]


African Sun Banner
With a passion as warm as the rising African Sun!

When I was still in the ranks of the gainfully employed I had one of the most difficult bosses you could imagine. He was an ex army general. One of his penchants was to ask the question "so what?" all the time. He would do it repeatedly, often interrupting the speaker, knocking him or her off track. You could outline the most comprehensive conclusions and answer the dreaded "so what" question several times over, but there would always be the "so what"!

Installation of shower shelves - You could do it too [Motti Va]


Have you ever thought how important are those little recessed shelves in helping you have a perfect shower? Well, if not, let me tell you; a lot. What else makes it so easy to keep your soap, shampoo and other important toiletries within your arm's reach while taking a shower and save yourself from all the discomfort of stepping out of the shower to get the necessary toiletry from the other corner of the bathroom? In a way shower recessed shelves help you take not just a shower but a 'lazy shower' so as to pamper yourself and relax your stressed nerves, right?

Now that you have conformed with my opinion, it's time you also know that installing shower recessed shelves in your bathroom is no rocket science. If you ever need to add another recessed shelf in your shower cabinet, you can do it yourself; without waiting that extra hour for your plumber. How? Through ready to tile recessed shelves.

Maximizing your bathroom space [Motti Va]


Bathroom is an integral part of every house and generally these are designed keeping functionality in mind, thereby most of the bathrooms are cramped and small. Sometimes, it is so cramped that there is not even enough space to move around. Most of the bathrooms are stuffed with tub, shower, sink, shelves and other necessary things in a small area. As a result, the place looks cluttered, probably the most disorganized room in the entire house.

A 1927 National Treasure - it's in the Arts [Jon Black]


Founded by performance poet Suzanne Andrade and animator Paul Barritt, 1927 began life on the outskirts of the cabaret scene. The company's first show, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, was a hit in Edinburgh in 2007 and toured widely from New York to Sri Lanka. Now supported by BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), 1927 is best known for its playful mix of live performance and projected animation. With darkly comic storytelling, the company explores contemporary issues inspired by the macabre nature of fairy stories, silent films and Edwardian illustration.