January 20th, 2013

StartUps Are A Waste Of Time & Money [Robert Craven]


Here's a view (from the point of view of an 'economist' given to a Government/politician)

It is not a popular view but it makes rational sense.

1) Startups are not where we should focus our efforts. Investing in start-ups is like betting on a horse race without getting a look at what the horses can actually do. (Clue: most do not win)

2) Real job growth is found in fast growth businesses (50% of all jobs in a 10 year period) - the top 4% of businesses (see Prof Storey)*. Investing in fast growth businesses is like betting on horses after they have gone over the final jump!! If I could bet at ant time that's when I would do it!!!

3) The trouble is that 100% of businesses vote so focusing exclusively on high growth businesses is politically unacceptable!!!

4) There is also precious little evidence to support a start-up programme 'ology' that works (aside from exclusive high growth incubator-type activity).

A to Z of good words .. I is for .. [Mike "Freddie" Gordon]


Sometimes Imagination and Education can collide, and when they do, it's Magic !!

I liked the concept so much .. I developed a business idea around it smile My imagication™ is a crazy mix of imagination .. creativitude .. and serendipenchance. When mixed in combination with a willing partner .. the results are guaranteed to spectaculate the recipient.

With apologies .. even thinking about the effectitude of imagication™ can reduce your abilitalk to communispeak clearasday.

Do you belong here? [Andrew Field]


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With a passion as warm as the rising African Sun!

There is, apparently, a lot of psychology behind the process of belonging. Have you ever felt a sense of affinity with somebody who shares your birthday and whom you merely encountered on say a social network? Perhaps you feel mild kinship with people who come from the same little town as you do. They say the smaller the town, the greater the affinity.

The real cost of training new workers [Simon Papendick BA (Hons)]


The real cost of training someone n my type of work involves a great deal of commintment in time and a greater amount of money. Especailly when it comes to money. Because in my field of work people's lives are at risk if the job is not done correctly. This is very true if the people are out at sea and miles from shore. Being a small business I would take someone on but the con's out way the pro's. Because being small you do not have the money to waste on doing things twice if not three time, if the person does not get it right the first time which is often the case. Especailly given the lack of get up and go in the young people in the country.

A lot is to do with the lack of moviation the young people have today to do the smallest jobs these days and what they see as jobs that they feel are below them. The fact they have a job should at least give them a sense of pride.

Come and Enjoy the Warmth, Peace and Tranquillity [Andrew Field]


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With a passion as warm as the rising African Sun!

Since the majority of you in the northern Hemisphere are enjoying a little cool patch with snow and disruptions, I thought I would just take you all to a place a little warmer, calmer, and with virtually no interruptions (unless lions are on the prowl). Sit, gaze at the tranquillity, and enjoy this moment with me.

The New World Order [Cristel Hensen]


Recently I have been watching a lot of documentaries and read a lot about the New World Order and I have to say it scares me to see where we are going.

So, what is that New World Order? It is a plan to unite the world with only one government. So far nothing to be shocked about. Unless you get into the details of this plan. As you may know, all that's happening in the world is controlled by just a few very powerful families. No, not by the governments. They are just puppets doing what they are told to do. If you ever wondered why our presidents hardly ever do what they promise us in their campaigns, here is your answer. These families own the banks, the energy (oil etc), food industry, pharmaceutical industry, education and the media.

The 'C' word [Carolyn Williams]


The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Here I am staring at a blank canvas, with a clear decision to:

Commit to doing something different.
Do ONE thing different that nourishes me.
Think differently.
Declutter old negatives that no longer serve me or my business.
Continue to meditate daily, it helps me commit.

During this month of January, how many times have you seen the word upgrade? "The term upgrade refers to the replacement of a product with a newer version of the same product".
So with upgrading in mind have you consciously done something different?

Have you consciously changed the way you think about your:

Personal Development

Ten NON-business reasons to be on twitter [Mark Lee]


Until you start tweeting it's hard to get to grips with what it's all about. And it's even harder to decide if it's something you would want to do.

The media make twitter seem almost ubiquitous and yet you struggle to see why you would want to join in. It all seems so pointless. It isn't and I've addressed this fallacy before. But equally I do NOT subscribe to the view that it's crucial for all business people to be on twitter. Far from it.

In my view it is much better to get to grips with twitter for NON-business reasons. I've identified ten of them (so far!) And I would add that many people who use and enjoy twitter do so for one or more of these NON-Business reasons.

Having a positive attitude - Is it just wishful thinking? [Mike Jones]


The idea that positive thinking is a good thing can sometimes get bad press. Now I'd be the first to say that simply having a positive attitude will not solve all your problems. It's not a silver bullet; not a panacea. We won't solve all the world's ills just through positive thinking. However, is it beneficial? Should we try to have a positive attitude?

In the model of Emotional Intelligence I work with, Positive Mood is a key component of Optimism. In a business environment, optimistic leaders have a talent for maintaining and promoting a positive mood, even in the light of set-backs and failures. This enables them to create and sustain a highly productive working environment and a climate for success.

But what is the evidence for a positive mood being a good thing; what exactly are the benefits?