January 17th, 2013

How free is Free Trade? [Susanne Palm]


Yesterday, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taipei arranged a breakfast meeting with the Swedish General Council in Hong Kong, Jorgen Halldin. The subject for his lecture was Free Trade.

His lecture started an interesting discussion about what Free Trade really is. We live in East Asia where trade, both on and offline, sometimes seem to follow different rules or regulations. How does for example online shopping and Free Trade go together? How will they develop together?

-Sweden is a strong supporter of a rule-based, multilateral trading system, said Jorgen Halldin.

He continued: "Sweden's development from poverty to a welfare society is the history of deregulation and Free Trade. Swedish business is very international and Swedish exports and imports correspond to 100 percent GDP."

A - Z of good words .. F is for [Mike "Freddie" Gordon]


Frisson .. a sense .. a feeling ? From the French .. obviously wink .. and therefore foreign to me at least. But a far better word "in English" than any English word ? If you follow me ? And FWIW in my experience I only ever associate frisson with "excitement".

As yet I haven't experienced a frisson of fear (I use feeling) .. or dread (I use sense). Funny that eh !

So today's challenge is to indicate f-words in a foreign language than are far more expressive than terms in your native tongue .. I reckon our Dutch community might enjoy this ?

And for those following this thread in the parallel universe which is the Meaning of Liff (refer to my guidance note at C).. I offer :

What do you do with new learning? [Shelley Fishel]


I spent Monday evening learning how to make chocolates. It was rather yummy and very messy and tremendous fun!

I was left with some fillings, Dark Chocolate and Champaign Ganache and White Chocolate with Cointreu Ganache.

So last night I made some more. I had to remember everything that David of Baking Dreams together had showed us.

I had a lot of fun and the chocolates are a success.

It got me thinking - I know that is the dangerous bit!!

If I had not practiced so soon after aquiring the learning, by the time I might want to make those lovely hand made chocolates, I would most likely have forgotten some of the steps. Having put my new skill into practice straight away, I now know that I have cemented the learning and will be confident to revisit the fun of making chocolates again.

You are always feeling your thinking. Here's the proof... [Damian Mark Smyth]


It's possible to be free of the prison bars of your mind with one thought, one realisation.


How can you have two different feelings about the same situation, if it's the situation giving you the feeling? How can you be utterly and desperately depressed one day with your life and the next day, everything feels ok? Because it's not the situation giving you this feeling. You are. You're the instigator. The controller, the creator. You're in charge. One day up, next day down. But it's you steering the ride.

Transport News for #London for 17/1/2013 [Stella Holman- The Connector-]


Just like to share with you some useful information regarding travel in London for today.

Do follow http://www.facebook.com/transportforlondon
and for Transportation/Freight Official Transport for London page http://www.tfl.gov.uk

Status update
By Transport for London

Following a helicopter crash in the Vauxhall area on Wednesday morning there were several road closures and a number of bus routes in the area were on diversion. Road users were advised to avoid the area and seek alternative routes. Vauxhall Tube and National Rail stations both re-opened, but the bus station remained closed.

Road users and passengers can get up to the minute travel information by following @tfltravelalerts, @tfltrafficnews and @tflbusalerts on Twitter.

A little extra expense, but worth so much [Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche]


When we first looked at traveling to Thailand my daughter sent over details of a possible schedule. I checked out the hotel options on trip advisor. One suggestion PrikThai was reported to be in the middle of the bars and the competing noise was too much even for ear plugs …… I started to look for more options.

I came across Sabai Sabai - it was a ten minute walk down the beach, "nestled in a small valley of coconut trees" with hammocks hung
outside. Sounded ideal.

After more than 24 hours of traveling, two planes, two mini buses and a ferry I was ready to lie down. We arrived at the dive centre and they were great - arranging for a quick transfer to our rooms. As we drove through the "town" I remembered thinking I would be hard pushed to make the trip in a ten minute jog - but the extra walk would be great exercise.

Important meeting today! [Samantha Kelly]


I was lucky enough to be a visitor at a BNI meeting this morning here in Wexford. I was up at 6am and there at 7am....phew!!! Early start and there were some really lovely people there to greet me. I was there to tell everyone about SunZu and the benefits of becoming a member. It went really well, and made a few new contacts to follow up on.

I was chatting to one man who said this to me...

'The most important meeting you can have is a meeting with yourself!'

I LOVE this! It made me think, when is the last time I scheduled some time for me...just me, not the kids, just me. A long time I think. So...after this great advice, I have decided to put 3,15 in my diary for my eye test (which I have been putting off for ages) and will bring my book with me and have a cuppa afterwards.

So when is your meeting with yourself?

Is social media sometimes a distraction? [Chris Radford]


Cranfield School of Management are repeating a study that they conducted 1 year ago amongst marketing directors. This study explores the operational and strategic priorities for marketing directors.

You can contribute to the study if you are responsible for strategic decisions click here

The previous Cranfield study from 2012 revealed that marketers priorities were around media and especially around the new fashion for social media. The writers think this is worrying and I agree. Will it be different in 2013? I suspect not.

Read the results click here

Are you heard in the office? [Richard Coombs]


With many offices now being filled to capacity to make best use of the floor space, the noise levels have increased accordingly and this can often be problematic.

Many staff now have a landline, mobile phone, tablet etc and with so many people talking to each other in open plan spaces, on the phone, printers going, coffee machines and dishwashers working the office can be a very noisy place and sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate, listen and converse in comfort!

Thankfully a few companies have now developed acoustic products to help absorb sound and these are usually fitted to hard surfaces such as concrete, marble or glass which tend to reflect sound waves.

In 2013 these products need to be Eco-friendly, value for money and look good, so some challenge...

Leading With Your Chin [Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training]


What My Clients Say About Me

Business owners and salespeople often ask me "How do you handle objections?"

I don't.

If I do it right, I have my prospects handle their own objections because then it's their reasoning that put their mind at rest, not my reasons for thinking s/he should buy from me.

Objections typically occur because of something I have said or done that has made my prospect feel uncomfortable. So it makes sense to find out "Why?" they are objecting. It also makes perfect sense to make sure I understand the same concern that they have instead of one I assume they have.

Bidnizz Netmakin [Martin Dewhurst]


Gizoogle Launched originally in 2005, this site is designed to help all people over the age of 20, to get down with their younger bro's and turn their Bidnizz into proper speak innit.

Here's Ecademy once fed into the speak converta ...

Da Social
Bidnizz Network

Creatin local, ghetto gatherings ta share
knowledge fo' tha benefit of bidnizz growth

Ecademy has over 600,000 registered playas

Git started immediately wit FREE membership

Join Ecademy

Jacked Membership

For your information [Engr. Obioha Ezekwesiri (ICT)]


Artkids International is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization registered for the sole purpose of discovering, developing and promoting those hidden talents in our kids and the youth in Europe and all over the world. For over ten (10) years, Artkids Foundation and Artkids International have worked with families, discovered talents and promoted many youths who today are productive members of the society. 2013 is yet another year to continue this good work for the sake of the future of our children whose talents would shape the future to the benefit of all. DiscoverME Musical Talent Hunt /TV show 2013 is yet another avenue Artkids International would demonstratively expose those hidden talents in European and Global kids and youth.


Sometimes you gotta give in [Samantha Kelly]


Well...it's official!! I was told today that I am old......was at the opticians (an appointment I had been putting off for quite some time) and he said that 'I wasn't going to like what he was about to say.....but the reason that my eyes aren't great is because of my age!'

Hmmm.....so this means apparently that once you hit your forties, the eyesight deteriorates and gets worse as time goes on. So that's it then! I will now have to wear glasses for working on the computer, driving etc.

I actually noticed that my eyesight was deteriorating when I was trying to read people's business cards at events!! That was the first indicator for me.

So...have any of you had to 'give in' to big changes like this? What was your reaction? Do you just get used to it after a while?

thank you [Fraser Hay]



Public Community Announcement

Just a short note to say thank you for all your help, guidance, support, constructive feedback, and laughs I've had on Ecademy for the last 5 years+

(Fear not, I'm not leaving, just I wanted to say thank you and share what my new year resolution is wink )

My time on Ecademy has enabled me to carry out all sorts of market and marketing research and enabled me to do a lot of testing over the last 5 years on various different aspects of marketing, social networking, selling, presenting, attending tradeshows, telemarketing, running workshops, email marketing and much more...

(I even wrote a book or two on my journey and experiments on here - as you probably know.)

The bad news is the extended testing period is complete and the painful lessons are plentiful.

How to Create a Product and Make Your Own Automated Income Website [Eddington Pindura]


If you want an automated income system you can start searching online and find one that you think will do well based on your research, become an affiliate, and start marketing that product focusing on creating an automated income system. However, there's another way to create an automated income and that's to create your own product.

Create a Hot Topic

If you create a marketable product, such as a "how to make money," book all the profits will go to your pocket, rather than getting a percentage from someone else's marketable product. And here is the real kicker - now you can be the vendor offering an affiliate program, and you can make money from others who are selling your product(s).

So take some time and do your homework to learn what it is internet users are looking for. Then build your product around that. If you want to create a book, but you are not a writer there are many services online where you can hire a writer to put together your book.

Inauguration Day 2013 [Joseph L. Rosenberg]


President Obama will be sworn in to his second term on Sunday, January 20, 2013 in a private ceremony, and again in the public ceremony on Monday, January 21. This is an American Tradition dating back to the term of George Washington. The president's speech to the nation after being sworn in will set the stage of his next four years. There will be an Inaugural Day Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, Inaugural Balls, and other civic events, including A Day of Service Honoring Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. If you live in or near Washington DC or can travel to the city you will always remember being the Nation's Capital at the time of a new term of office by the President. Or you can view the events on television or other media sources. The commentators will point out the dignitaries on the Inaugural Stage including key members of Congress and Supreme Court, families of the office takers, and other notables.