January 16th, 2013

Thanks to HSBC I've lost thirty pounds .. [Mike "Freddie" Gordon]


.. in weight .. and lowered my cholesterol score .. and toned my torso wink

Little did I think when I attended a routine keyman insurance medical in Rubery (near Birmingham) in mid-2011 that The World's Local Bank would change my life(style) for ever !

The South African GP (nominated by HSBC's insurance provider) conducting the test took the usual samples (!) .. weight .. height .. cough etc and completed a routine questionnaire. 10 minutes and I was done ! Easy peasy ..

Birthdays [Shelley Fishel]


How important is it to celebrate birthdays?

In our home we always make a big fuss of birthdays. I have a birthday next week and it is a time to count my blessings. My Mum died when she was just 50 years old. I will turn 54 and every year past 50 is a true blessing. Mum had a tough life which no doubt contributed to her blood pressure and the heart attack she had at 50. I do not suffer with the conditions that she did, and my life is the opposite of hers, I am comfortable, have a fabulous husband and get much joy from my three grown up children a daughter in law and grandson.

My Mum never met her grandchildren.

Every year I get past the age she was is amazing. I count my blessings often.

Do you celebrate birthdays? Do you see them as positive and fun or do you think - oh no another year older?

Have a fabulous day and I will be in Paris on my birthday next Monday - I did say we take birthdays seriously around here smile

The A - Z of good words … E is for [Mike "Freddie" Gordon]


Ennis - my adopted home town (long story !) in County Clare on the wild West Coast of Ireland.

And in recent history .. the focus of a global audience for the visit of its most famous long lost grandson .. Muhammad Ali (no .. I'm not related !)

In the vain hope that contributors actually read the instructions when adding to this blog .. today's words should have just five characters wink

Model Profile: Talent Management Agency Teen Model Sam Is A Star In The Making [Suzy "find a model"


Talent Management agency couldn't help but be won over by the enthusiasm and charisma of our new teen model and actor Sam. At just 16 years old he has shown impressive initiative - getting involved with various productions and throwing himself whole-heartedly into each experience. This young man deserves to do well, and with a 'go-getting' attitude like his we really believe that he will.

Vital statistics
Age: 16
Height: 6ft
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green/blue

How would you describe your look?

The weather an a nice cup of tea [Nick Dewey]


That's right, another boring blog about the weather, but the weather in this era is dramatically different from when I was a child or even a teenager. We used to have ice and frost from November onwards, now the winter season seems to have been delayed til January and February, but condensing the ice and cold all together in one big go.
We even have the possibility of "disruptive snow" and blizzards forecast for Friday.

I have some basic preparations in for this time. I have bought myself a first aid kit, I have a fair quantity of food in stock and have some alternative fuel in case of power outages (home made bioethanol) in stock.

I hope it is not considered too paranoid that I suggest that that everyone take some common sense precautions at this time.

Oh, and I also have enough tea and sweeteners in stock to help me ride out the winter.

Expect some nice snow photos soon smile

Nick Dewey

What is pride? [Damian Mark Smyth]


Holding on to thoughts of past situations is easy to do when your pride is at stake... until you realise that too is just thought.

Yesterday I touched upon the act of forgiveness and how it is more of a non-doing than a doing. Attached to this is our own thoughts about the meaning of the act, and our own pride. 'How will others see us and think of us' and 'How am I supposed to feel'? Of course, both of these questions also remain in thought. It is only our own thinking about how others should view us and how we are supposed to feel (when we are 'wronged') that is keeping the memory of the event alive.

Blog Your Way to an Online Income [Eddington Pindura]


Are you ready to make your income online? Do you know the secrets of how to make money blogging? If you answered no, you will want to read on. So let's get started.

#1 Use WordPress
There are plenty of blogging platforms but WordPress is considered the best choice. It can be easily set up and you can begin blogging in no time even if you are new to the blogging experience. There is no need for you to have a bunch of technical skills. It is also easy to customize and offers tons of powerful plug ins. If you want to make money blogging online then you want to use WordPress.

#2 Install Plug Ins
There are some terrific plug in options within WordPress. Let's look at the ones you should be sure to install.

Share This Plug In - this allows readers to bookmark your site on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Similar Post Plug In - this plug in allows you to keep visitors reading on your blog by recommending other content that is similar.

Cold Calling! [Ketan JOSHI]


No, not that type of cold calling....

In the northern hemisphere we're now entering the colder months of the year. We've compiled a simple chart here at Innorbit to help calculate the sensation of cold (wind chill). So, for example if the external temperature is 4ºC and the wind speed is 40 Kph then the perceived temperature is -1ºC. That's why we have to protect ourselves in these colder months.

So, remember to wrap up and keep warm and, of course, drinking a hot infusion can help twofold:
  • Generate some internal heat
  • A hot infusion containing a blend of immune strengthening herbs and spices could have some immunological effect to help ward off colds!

  • Some herbs & spices which could help strengthen immunity and help to stave off colds:
    - Green Tea
    - Pennywort
    - Cinnamon
    - Mint
    - Liquorice
    - Hibiscus

    Marketing Execution company that knows Supply Chain in German / French and English [David Food]


    Would love to hear any Marketing Companies you know of who understand the Supply Chain and Procurement Space and are able to function in German, French and English.

    If you have someone you would highly recommend, please let me know?


    By Dave Food


    E2open End to end Supply Chain visibility
    Prophetic Technology Touching tomorrow, today
    RCF Church in Reality

    Finding out what inspires and motivates you [Carolyn Williams]


    Driving on the M4 yesterday I listened to The Life Scientific a BBC Radio 4 programme and became absorbed in an interview with Robert Mair.

    He talked about the savvy fluid engineering repairs to Big Ben and plans for the Jubilee line covering smart infrastructure and construction plans. Infrastructure and construction is the vital 'key' to improved business and more importantly, customer links between Swansea, Cardiff to London and the rest of the world.

    Greenery is for wimps? [Richard J Francis]


    January is here - and right now - here in the UK the snow and ice have made an icy comeback. People aren't thinking particularly 'green' as we don't associate January with 'greenery'.

    But is it just because we are in the depths of winter that we don't have greenery on our minds? Is it maybe an increasing trend to have less indoor greenery in our interior (and sometimes immediate exterior) landscapes?

    Restaurants, public places, office parks, offices themselves and even surburban housing - all seem to have swallowed a pill in recent years that encourage the proliferation of minimalist architecture and stark hard surfaces. It's almost like in some cases - the places scream: "Greenery is for wimps"!

    How to do a great radio interview [Samantha Kelly]


    Tummy is a bit dodgy, 20,000 things running through your head......STOP!!!

    Take a deep breath...why does the interviewer want to talk to you? Because you have a story to share, an interesting topic to discuss. They wouldn't bother with you if you didn't have something they wanted to share with their valuable listeners. So Relax.....easy to say I know. But here is what I do..

    Write down 5 main points that you want to get across.

    Imagine you are just having a chat with a friend on the phone or by skype. (The Radio presenter is human too, has probably just dropped the kids to school, had an altercation with the car park attendent, who knows)? lol

    Remember you are interesting and have knowledge they want to hear so ensure that you believe in yourself.....do an affirmation. I am so interesting and wonderful that people want to hear what I have to say...'Help me get through this and be brilliant'. Try it, even if you don't believe it!

    Why Does It Feel So Right When We Are Wrong? [Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training]


    What My Clients Say About Me

    Inspired by Kathryn Schultz's Ted talks and Mark Goulston's excellent book "Real Influence", I thought we could explore this theme a little more deeply.

    Let's try an exercise.

    Someone you know as acquaintances gets a promotion. When you see them after hearing the news what is the first thing you say to them?

    OK, for most people they say "Congratulations" or something similar. Perhaps you did too?

    So now what is the 2nd thing you say to them?

    ..... And what if I told you there is only one right answer, what would you say?

    I'm curious to learn everyone's 2nd statement or question. Please take a moment to post what you would say 2nd. Once there are 20-30 suggestions I'll reveal what we should say if we really want to connect


    Marcus Cauchi

    Blog 3 Week 3 [Marco van Velthuisen]


    De nieuwe blog voor week 3 is weer online, je vind het HIER

    Kind regards,

    Marco van Velthuisen
    Manager Services van Velthuisen
    Teacher | Trainer | Coach for #WCM

    #facilitate #simplicity, #facilteren #éénvoud
    Did I mention I'm Having FUN in Serious Businesses?
    Cell: +31 65 579 66 10 | mail or text me and I will contact you.
    Would you like to:
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    Do you put your health in the hands of a sales organisation? [Nick Dewey]


    I am not one to complain (really, seriously, I am not) and I am certainly not one to go through life calling the manager, but today I have found myself making a big complaint.

    Fortunately, the complaint was dealt with (so far as I can tell) to my satisfaction, but it was one of those issues that needs addressing.

    I have a health history. A rather complex one and as such I often need medical help to deal with it. I have been a regular customer of a certain well known health products chain for more then two decades now.

    The issue was use to the rewards card system. I am OK with rewards cards and do use them for my food shopping, but when it comes to my health, I feel rather uneasy about using them.

    Belfast is OPEN and a great place to visit! [Iain McGuigan]


    PSSST Don't believe everything you see, Belfast is Open / Safe / Business as normal / Fun / Vibrant / Friendly and well worth visiting!

    Many of you will have seen images of protests and riots on your screens recently which might give you the idea that Northern Ireland was regressing in to the bad old times. I assure you it is not.

    I have been working and living in Belfast for over two years now and admit to falling in love with the place. It is a relatively small city with a huge and very friendly personality.

    I have seen the news reports and the reporting and yes there has been some rioting / violence but it is based in one small area of the city, is contained, and will not impact on your stay.

    The legitimate protests about the flag have been largely and predominantly peaceful especially the ones around the City Hall.

    So lets answer some questions...

    Supplier vs. Customer - Which is more important? [Denis Coleman MA MSc ACC]


    (This blog was originally posted on http://www.innochansol.com)

    For most of my working life, I have dealt with customers of one shape or another. I have also had occasion to deal with suppliers. I have noticed a major difference in how organisations tend to treat both sides of their business. This became very evident to me when I moved from a CRM role to Purchasing with a major company. Immediately, the tone changed. When dealing with customers of the organisation, the focus was on diplomacy, care and attention. Customers were listened to and given the best of service at all times, which of course is correct practice. However, Suppliers were treated completely differently. The relationship tended to be more adversarial. There was an element of, 'Customers do unto us, so we must do unto Suppliers'. This got me thinking; is it right to treat suppliers differently from customers? Which is more important to the company; the supplier or the customer?

    The Secrets of Making Money Online using live advice [Nick Dewey]


    I have been a live advice professional for many years. I have done it through tarot and also through life coaching. BUT there are so many other businesses that you can do with live advice!

    Tax advice
    Web Design
    And more !!

    I have made a 16 minute video which you can find HERE that goes into how it is done.

    So, if you want to make money through taking the wisdom of a professional in the field so that you can apply it to your own business, watch the video !!

    Nick Dewey
    Oxford Therapeutic Coaching

    HMV, Blockbuster, Jessops, The start, or the end? [William Buist]


    Another big name bites the dust.

    Blockbuster can no longer compete with LoveFilm/#Amazon, Apple et al
    HMV brought down by online music and film - LoveFilm/Amazon, Apple et al
    Jessops losing out as camera's and movie hardware goes into commodity pricing (Amazon) and online and smartphones (Apple)

    2012 was one of the worst years for retail failures - 54 Firms, 3,951 Outlets and 48,142 Employees
    2013 from the 3 big names, Jessops, HMV, Blockbuster is 954 stores and 9,910 staff (Source BBC).

    That suggest the failure rate is still rising. However, most recessions end with a lot of firms failing at the final hurdle, indeed some like Robert Peston say this has to happen to end the recession and well known VC's like Jon Moulton are investing in litigation firms.

    Must Have Information About Personal Development [Eddington Pindura]


    Make sure you know how to use personal development to your advantage. There are so many tips available on the topic of personal development, and this article has just a few effective ones. Read on and apply what you learn.

    Exercise is for everyone, not just people who are trying to lose a few pounds. There are tons of reasons to exercise. As you work out, your body will release chemicals necessary to relieving your stress.

    Get some self-satisfaction by complimenting others. Try to replace any negative comments with positive ones, and see if this helps you become more positive as an individual.

    Establish a rainy day fund. Even the slightest unforeseen event can send a person's finances spiraling into free fall. Even a few dollars per week can quickly add up to a nice savings. This money can help out in the short and long term because debt continues decreasing.

    Evolve or die? [Richard White]


    This week both HMV and Blockbuster have gone into administration. Last week it was Jessops. What all three have in common is not evolving their business enough to face the reality that business is increasingly being done online.

    We cannot escape the inevitable and every business will need to re-engineer itself in the years to come as the public and companies get used to doing things over the web

    Facetime and skype video will, over the next few years mean people are less willing to travel - how will this impact how we conduct our business?

    People are migrating from web to mobile - how will this impact how we conduct our business?

    People have stopped reading emails - how will this impact how we conduct our business?

    This is not just going to impact the high street and I can see huge opportunities and threats to many service businesses - especially in the areas of consulting and training.

    Hours or Outcomes? [Andrew Horder]


    So, we hear today that "Bob" has been outsourcing his work to a Chinese firm for just 1/5 of his salary, keeping the other 80% for himself, and spending most of his own time diddling about on the web. Leave aside for a minute that he was working on a national infrastructure project, and that he clearly broke his employers' trust, and their security policies, maybe we should be asking ourselves what, exactly, we employ people for?

    You can see my views on this here at TheBusyFool.com - but what do you think, should we employ people to be chained to their desks, or to produce a result?