January 15th, 2013

Talent Management Modelling Tips [Suzy "find a model" O'Connor]


Talent Management agency is often asked how to achieve successful model castings or assignments so we thought it may be helpful to put together a top five of our best Talent Management modelling tips to help nervous or first-time models to do just that.
Here are our top five tips to help you to prepare for and make the most of any modelling opportunities that come your way.


The act of forgiveness [Damian Mark Smyth]


How simply letting go of thought can improve your life


I do hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, my post yesterday made way for a day out for Victoria on her 40th birthday. One of the stops on the itinerary was to watch the new Les Miserables film. I saw the stage play many years ago and was looking forward to this immensely. We were not disappointed either. Superb acting, singing and film making all round (apart from Russell Crowe's singing perhaps).

Liquorice and Cardiovascular Disease ❤ [Ketan JOSHI]


We have seen recently how natural ingredients like Liquorice can postively affect our health (Health Benefits; Skin Health; Cognitive Function). Liquorice is a botanical used frequently as a traditional medicine in Ayurveda, amongst others, and research published in the scientific press on its health benefits continues unabated.

In a recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition liquorice was implicated in a possible therapy for Cardiovascular disease.

Wine Compound May Halt Bowel Cancer [Simon Radley]


One large glass of wine a day could contain enough of a tumour-fighting compound to prevent bowel cancer, research suggests.

The plant chemical, resveratrol, is found in the skins of grapes and concentrated in red wine.

Scientists have long known that resveratrol has anti-cancer properties, as well as effects that might benefit diabetes and heart disease patients. But a question mark remains over what dose of the compound it is best to take.

The new research suggests that to fight bowel cancer, only a small amount of the compound is required - around five milligrams per day. That is about the amount of resveratrol typically found in one large glass of red wine, or two small glasses.

Read More - http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/12/05/bowel-cancer-wine-compound-risk_n_2244178.html

Simon Radley
Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Inherited colon cancer risk tied to certain foods [Simon Radley]


Among people who have a genetic susceptibility to colon cancer, those whose diets are heavy in junk food have an even higher risk, according to a new study.

"These patients have this very high risk because of this (genetic) mutation they have, but it might be that they could reduce the number of (tumors) by having a more healthy lifestyle," said Akke Botma, the lead author of the study.

Botma's study is just the first to find a link between certain foods and a higher colon cancer risk in this group, and it can't prove that the diet is to blame.

All of the people in the study had Lynch syndrome, a genetic disorder that predisposes people to cancer at younger ages and that affects up to one in 660 people.

In Western countries, colorectal and endometrial cancers are the dominant cancers to turn up in people with the syndrome, while in Asia it's mostly stomach cancer, Botma said.

More Men on the school run [Samantha Kelly]


I have noticed when I do the school run that there are a lot more men doing it. The school gates used to be a lot of Mums huddled around chatting while they wait to pick up their children but at my local school now I would say there are about 70% of men doing the school pick up.

Sadly, this is a sign of the times here in Ireland. Lots of Men who worked in the construction industry especially have lost their jobs. Carpenters, Painters, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Plasterers are all struggling to find work. The younger men are emigrating to Australia and Canada and the Men who have families are either staying or commuting long distances to find work.

It is just something I noticed and it made me think, what are the Government doing to help these men? I know there is a voluntary organisation here called 'Mens shed' that is a group of men who gather and have a cuppa and it is a workshop to work on various projects but they don't make any money.

OMG - culture kills [Lyndon Wood]


This is my reply to a post on a certain Q and A site to the questions will SunZu fail like Ecademy? the responses on there were all negative so i felt the need to post my reply here for you all because it does benefit:

Great support here chaps thanks.

It amazes me how a person (me) can plough a serious amount of my hard earned cash into developing something that can truly assist businesses to grow yet get shot down in public even before launch. that to me says a lot about peoples culture.

Those who have the knowledge also know how challenging it cna be setting something new up, and yes this is new and it is not Ecademy.

Curiosity killed the cat [Mike Jones]


Or so the saying goes. This may be good advice, albeit a bit late, for the poor cat in question. However I don't think it good advice for living you life and running your business.

Emotionally intelligent leaders have the capacity to be aware of, understand and appreciate the feelings and thoughts of others. They listen well and take into account other people's feelings and circumstances before communicating their message or making a decision. Curiosity is key to this, in understanding the other person's position.

Kathryn Schultz On Being Wrong [Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training]


What My Clients Say About Me

You and I have learned some really bad lessons over the years. What did we learn about people who are wrong? They're dim-wits? Fools? Incompetent?

Why do we get stuck in the feeling of being right even when we are wrong? What does being wrong feel like?


Aren't you a but like Wylie Coyote after he's gone off the cliff before he looks down? You feel right until you realise you are wrong, then you fall towards the ground.

Have a look and listen to Kathryn Schultz's Ted Talk on being wrong. Very revealing talk.

Her talk on regret is also worth a view too.


Marcus Cauchi
Managing Director

Detox and Fly, Preparing for 2013 - Part 2 [Christopher BABAYODE]


For the month of January I am going to follow up on my previous article Detox and Fly, Preparing for 2013 with a continued focus on detoxification. This article delves deeper into specific things you can do and why detoxifying is important for frequent fliers. If you think you don't have time to detox listen out for tools the busiest flier can make use of and the reasons why you must pay attention to this aspect of your health if only once in a while.

As previously stated, any time you have more toxins leaving the body than are being generated through diet and metabolic processes you have a state of detoxification. We can help the process along by arming the body with tools for it to use to get the job done. If we are going to spend any time doing this we might as well go to the major players.

"Don't fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it." [Dusanka Narancic]


Last night, I wrote this little blog on The Black Onyx tiny site and wished to share it with you.
Some of you might have seen this TED talk before but nevertheless it is always good to remind ourselves about our body language and what difference it can make to our success and perception.


"Don't fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it." Amy Cuddy

How important is the body language in your professional and personal life? What does it say about you? It affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves.

Amy Cuddy social psychologist talks about power posing that reflects confidence even if you are not. Testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain changes in power poses which can influence our success. We can change other people's perceptions and build self-confidence by changing our body positions. Do you recognize your pose in Amy Cuddy's TED talk?

StartUps #2: Real job growth is found in fast growth businesses [Robert Craven]


Here's a view (from the point of view of an 'economist')

It is not a popular view but it makes rational sense.

Real job growth is found in fast growth businesses (50% of all jobs in a 10 year period) - the top 4% of businesses (see Prof Storey)*. Investing in fast growth businesses is like betting on horses after they have gone over the final jump!! If I could bet at any time that's when I would do it!!!

* This is confirmed by NESTA showing that the 6pc of all UK businesses with the highest growth rates generated 54pc of the net new jobs created.

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Grab two of my business e-books for nothing off Amazon [Ann Andrews CSP]


I've just had 5 of my business books loaded onto Amazon, and two of them are being offered for free:

* It's Just A Numbers Game (how to set up and run a business event from scratch)
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Ann Andrews CSP
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Sorting the men out from the boys [Samantha Kelly]


Having seen what goes on in Business circles, I have noticed something. The people who have offered assistance with advice or just a listening ear are the ones who are the most successful. Now how is that?

Even in my local town, there are a few who stood out for me. Whether it was by coming over and introducing themselves at networking events, or just listening to me and acknowledging the work I was doing. There were also I have to admit, those who wouldn't even make eye contact or bother to speak with me at all. I was the new kid on the block, I breezed in, smiling and dressed differently from the others, was confident and oozing energy. The men and ladies were wary of me. 'Who does this one think she is?'

Why was today a day worth living? [Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training]


What My Clients Say About Me

Did you use your day in the pursuit of worthwhile results and in the service of worthy goals? Did you spend the day strengthening your relationships? Your business? Your family? Your employees? Your clients? Your suppliers?

Did you prioritise? Did you advance towards a better place?

Did you let go of those things that frustrate you? We're you open to ideas (your own and other people's)? Did you play to your strengths? How did you add to the experience of doing business with you?

How can you make tomorrow a day that was really worth living?


Marcus Cauchi
Managing Director
Sandler Training, London, Sales Training London & Sales Management Training London contact

Business Waste [Matt Collings]


As the worldwide economy continues to struggle it's imperative that businesses drive out waste to remain profitable. It amazes me that many businesses have forgotten or, in some cases, never learnt how to keep costs down.

It seems a business formed prior to the credit crunch had finance on tap and instead of learning to keep costs down to improve margins and retain cash flow they simply went to the bank to ask for additional funding. The immortal line from little Oliver seems most appropriate - "Please Sir, can I have some more". Words like thrift and frugal have crept back into the business vocabulary over the last five years or so but in my opinion they should never have been omitted. Business owners have a responsibility to ensure they are wringing out every possible penny, cent, euro or whichever currency you live with to remain profitable.

Dress to Impress [Donna Obstfeld]


Fashion has changed significantly over the years and many of the trends of the past have also seen revivals, but what of dress at work? Do people dress to impress? Do people look at themselves in the mirror before leaving for work and think "am I dressed appropriately?" and for that matters, what is appropriate? Like fashion, dress in the workplace has also changed significantly over the years. It is of course job environment specific and what a mechanic wears would not be appropriate in an office, but on the whole, do people still power dress for work, are there different standards for men to those for women and do employers care what staff look like as long as they get the job done - should they care what staff look like?

Books on HR/people management for engineer-types [Robert Craven]


I am looking to recommend a good book or
books on HR/people management for some engineer-type people

Any suggestions?

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Organic v Conventional Farming Systems Trial: 30-year Report [Michael-Don Smith]


The organic v genetically modified argument over which approach will feed/save the world is increasingly swinging to the organic side as more and more facts are coming to light.

Farming Systems Trial [FST] Fast Facts
  • Organic yields match conventional yields.
    Organic outperforms conventional in years of drought.
    Organic farming systems build rather than deplete soil organic matter, making it a more sustainable system.
    Organic farming uses 45% less energy and is more efficient.
    Conventional systems produce 40% more greenhouse gases.
    Organic farming systems are more profitable than conventional.

  • 'The hallmark of a truly sustainable system is its ability to regenerate itself. When it comes to farming, the key to sustainable agriculture is healthy soil, since this is the foundation for present and future growth.